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Virginia Driver Improvement Clinics

In the Commonwealth of Virginia,  Traffic School or  a Defensive Driving Course is most commonly
referred to as a
Driver Improvement Clinic.  Aside from being an accident-free driver, the most
effective way to keep your Virginia auto insurance rates low and your driver record clean is to complete a
Virginia DMV approved Driver Improvement Course.

Some other reasons to complete a
Virginia Defensive Driving Course include:
•        To fulfill a court requirement.
•        To fulfill a Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requirement.
•        To earn safe driving points.

Virginia Defensive Driving Courses

When choosing a Virginia Driver Improvement Course, it is important to make certain that the Traffic
you choose is approved and accredited by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
. In Virginia, you can complete your course either in person at a Commercial Driving School or
online through an approved provider. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. If you
choose to take
Traffic School in person, it will be presented to you by a qualified instructor in a
classroom setting. The benefit of taking this type of
Defensive Driving Course is you'll likely complete
the course in its entirety in one session.
If you choose to take the course from an
Online Virginia Driver Improvement Course , you will still
have the option of completing it all at once, but you'll also have the ability to stop and resume the course
at your leisure. Many people find the online option to be more convenient, but the options are there for
you to choose from.

NOTE: Any non-commercial driver 20 years old or older can take a Driver Improvement Course either
in person or online, but if you're under 20 years old, you must take the course in a classroom. You are not
eligible to complete the course online.

Defensive Driving Course Details

Virginia Defensive Driving Driver Improvement Traffics School courses are usually divided into
separate chapters that teach you the safe driving habits of being a responsible and more defensive
Each chapter focuses on a single subject and cover topics including:
•        Crash prevention.
•        Cost magnitude of traffic accidents.
•        Contributing factors for vehicle crashes.
•        Regulations, laws, and highway environmental factors.

Reasons to Complete Virginia Traffic School

In Virginia, there are many reasons to complete a Defensive Driving Course / Traffic School
, including to:
•        Fulfill a VA DMV or court requirement (after receiving a traffic ticket).
•        Dismiss a traffic ticket.
•        Lower your car insurance rates.
•        Earn safe driving points.
•        Improve your driving habits.

Dismiss a Traffic Ticket with a Driver Improvement Clinic

If you've received a traffic ticket in Virginia, you may generally be able to dismiss it and avoid points
being added to your driving record if:
•        You have a valid Virginia driver's license.
•        You were not driving a commercial vehicle when you received your traffic ticket.
•        You haven't previously completed a defensive driving course in Virginia within a set period of time.
The court handling your case may send you a notice to tell you if completing a
defensive driving
will dismiss your ticket. Before enrolling in traffic school / defensive driving, check with your
local court first to make sure they will credit you for completing the course.

Earn Safe Driving Points with Virginia Driver Improvement

Safe driving points are assigned for each calendar year that you have a valid Virginia driver's license
without any violations or suspensions. In some cases, you may also earn safe driving points by
traffic school. Annual safe driving points are awarded each year for the previous calendar
year. You can accumulate a total of
5 safe driving points which you may use to offset demerit points.
Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates With
Defensive Driving. Completing a Driver Improvement Clinic
may also result in a car insurance discount. Check with your auto insurance provider before enrolling in a
Virginia Driver Improvement Course  to check if you're eligible.